Get Started

This guide will walk you through installation of Nasdanka Tool Suite, creation of a modeling project with a Vinci model, modeling process, and generation of a web site. Sources of the project created in this guide are on GitHub - you can clone them and explore/modify. You can also use the commit history to explore modifictions made at each steps in the guide and to download the repository at a particular point in the history.


There are several options for installing the Nasdanika Tool Suite. In this guide we’ll use the JDK package because it is self-contained. i.e. it has no pre-resquisites - just download, unzip, and launch eclipse.exe.





extract destination

Launch Eclipse

launch eclipse

select workspace

go to workbench

Create modeling project

File > New > Modeling Project

create modeling project

Create Vinci Action Model

Populate the model

ways to edit - 2 editors, 2 representations. spacial/sequential. Double-click diagram open

Generate content

with run configuration - ignore warning and ignore error output - exit code 0.

Summary and Next steps

Study the model, use more components (overview?), command line - what is possible - call from automated build - circle ci?