Version: org.nasdanika.vinci.ecore
origin/master 9907df6
Usage: nsd vinci generate documentation ecore [-hjV] [-J
       [=<javaDocContextBuilderMount>]] [-b=<baseUri>] [-o=<outputDir>]
       [-p=<progressOutput>] NS-URI...
Generates Ecore model documentation as a Vinci action tree
      NS-URI...              A list of model NS URI's to generate documentation
                               for. For each NS-URI a vinci file is generated
                               named after the root package in the model. If
                               there are duplicate package names then argument
                               index is added to de-dup the names.
  -b, --base-uri=<baseUri>   Base URI for resolving eclasifier references in
                               diagram image maps. Resolved against the output
                               directory URI. Defaults to the output directory
  -h, --help                 Show this help message and exit.
  -j, --json                 Output progress in JSON
  -J, --javadoc-context-builder-mount[=<javaDocContextBuilderMount>]
                             If specified model instance class names are output
                               as tokens for expansion to links to JavaDoc. If
                               specified without parameter option value is
  -o, --output=<outputDir>   Output directory, defaults to the current
  -p, --progress=<progressOutput>
                             Output file for progress monitor
  -V, --version              Print version information and exit.