Specialization of Container which uses Java naming, e.g. org.nasdanika. Package Java names are converted to file system names during generation, e.g. org/nasdanika.

Configured with the following keys:

  • contents - a content component, a string, or a list of content components.
  • merger - org.nasdanika.common.resources.Merger implementation if reconcile-action is MERGE. Optional there is a native merger.
  • name - package name with dot separated segments, interpolated.
  • reconcile-action - defines an action to take if a file with given name already exists. Default action is OVERWRITE:
    • KEEP - Keep the existing file, discard generated contents.
    • APPEND - Append generated contents to the existing contents.
    • MERGE - Merge old and new contents.
    • OVERWRITE - Replace the existing contents with the generated contents.
    • CANCEL - Cancel generation if a file already exists.