Named container of other resources, a folder/directory.

Configured with the following keys:

  • contents - a list of contained resources.
  • name - container name, interpolated.
  • reconcile-action - defines an action to take if a container with given name already exists. Default action is OVERWRITE:
    • KEEP - Keep the existing container, discard generated resources.
    • APPEND - Append resources to existing.
    • OVERWRITE - Delete the existing container and create a new one.
    • CANCEL - Cancel generation if a container already exists.


YAML specification

   name: test-container
      - file:
         name: test-file
         contents: Hello, world!

Java code

ObjectLoader loader = new Loader();
ProgressMonitor monitor = new PrintStreamProgressMonitor(System.out, 0, 4, false);
Object container = loader.loadYaml(specURL, monitor);

Context context = Context.EMPTY_CONTEXT;		

EphemeralBinaryEntityContainer root = new EphemeralBinaryEntityContainer();
callConsumer(context, monitor, container, root);

BinaryResource testContainer = root.find("test-container", monitor);
assertTrue(testContainer instanceof BinaryEntityContainer);

BinaryResource testFile = root.find("test-container/test-file", monitor);
assertTrue(testFile instanceof BinaryEntity);		
assertEquals("Hello, world!", Util.toString(context, ((BinaryEntity) testFile).getState(monitor)));