Instance class: org.nasdanika.codegen.HttpCall

Makes an HTTP Call. Converts result to Map/List for application/json content type, to text for text/... content types. Returns a byte array otherwise.




connectTimeout : EInt

Connect timeout in seconds

Type EInt
Cardinality 0..1

interpolate : EBoolean

If true response body is converted to String using the context charset (defaults to UTF-8), interpolated, and then converted to input stream using the same charset.

Type EBoolean
Cardinality 0..1

method : HttpMethod

Type HttpMethod
Cardinality 0..1

readTimeout : EInt

Read timeout in seconds

Type EInt
Cardinality 0..1

successCode : EInt

HTTP response code indicating success.

Type EInt
Cardinality 0..1

url : EString

URL resolved relative to the model resource.

Type EString
Cardinality 1


body : ContentGenerator*

Type ContentGenerator
Cardinality 0..*

headers : Property*

Type Property
Cardinality 0..*