Instance class: org.nasdanika.ncore.ModelElement

Model element with a description.


  • AbstractAction - Base class for different types of actions - action, action link, and action reference.
  • ActionLink - Generates a link to the target action.
  • Array - A sequence of elements.
  • Entity - Element with a unique auto-generated identity.
  • HtmlElement - Base class for other HTML and bootstrap elements.
  • HttpCall - Makes an HTTP Call. Converts result to Map/List for application/json content type, to text for text/...
  • Image - Embedded image which can be loaded from a file or taken as a screenshot.
  • Item - Base class for model elements which can be active, disabled, and have color.
  • Map - A collection of entries mapping names to results.
  • Markdown - Base class for generation of HTML from Markdown.
  • NamedElement - Element with a name.
  • Reference - Reference delegates its functionality to its target.
  • Script - Evaluates JavaScript code with provided bindings.
  • Script - Script with code stored in the model element code attribute.
  • ScriptReference - References external script.
  • ScriptResource - Script which loads code from a resource specified in the location attribute.
  • Service - Service gets its result from the context’s service with the specified type.
  • Stylesheet - CSS stylesheet with code stored in the model element code attribute.
  • StylesheetReference - Reference to an external stylesheet.
  • StylesheetResource - CSS stylesheet with code loaded from a resource specified in the location attribute.
  • Supplier - Supplier computes it result using an adapter obtained from a factory.
  • TextToSpeech - Uses Google Text-to-Speech to synthesize voice from text or SSML.



description : EString

Model element description in markdown.

Type EString
Cardinality 0..1

title : EString

If title is set it is used by default as element text/label.

Type EString
Cardinality 0..1