Nasdanika core model containing common classes


  • AbstractEntry - Supplier factory with a name.
  • Array - A sequence of elements.
  • Configurable - Model element which contains configuration entries.
  • Entity - Element with a unique auto-generated identity.
  • Entry - Entry is a mapping of a name to value providing model element.
  • Function - Function is a named operation.
  • Html - HTML text.
  • HttpCall - Makes an HTTP Call. Converts result to Map/List for application/json content type, to text for text/...
  • HttpMethod
  • List - List is a named array.
  • Map - A collection of entries mapping names to results.
  • ModelElement - Model element with a description.
  • NamedElement - Element with a name.
  • Null - Typed null can be used as an operation argument.
  • Object - Object is a named map.
  • Operation - Operation computes its result the operation arguments using a ${javadoc/org.nasdanika.common.FunctionFactory} adapter created by the factory.
  • Property - Property is a named value.
  • Reference - Reference delegates its functionality to its target.
  • Resource - Resource loads content from URL and converts to the element type.
  • Script - Evaluates JavaScript code with provided bindings.
  • ScriptResource - Evaluates script loaded from a resource.
  • ScriptText - Evaluates script code.
  • Service - Service gets its result from the context’s service with the specified type.
  • Supplier - Supplier computes it result using an adapter obtained from a factory.
  • Value - Value computes its result from text.