Action reference allows to “mount” an existing action as a child of another action. Using action references a single “logical” aciton hierarchy may be assembled from multiple model resources.

The referenced action inherits this action reference context. As such the same referenced action referenced by different action references may behave differently depending on the action reference context/configuration. I.e. a reference may create a different “instance” of referenced action. In this case the referenced action activator shall also be context dependent - otherwise different instances of the same action will point to the same resource/url.




description : EString

Reference description.

Type EString
Cardinality 0..1

path : EString

If path is not blank then it is resolved against the context URI to produce a new context URI for the referenced action. It can be used to organize generated content into folders in order to avoid name clashes or semantic references, e.g. index.html generated by one action overwriting index.html generated by another.

For example, if the referenced action activator is click-me.html and the path is blank, then the action will be generated in the same folder as the parent of the action reference. If the path is click-me-demo then the referenced action content will be generated to click-me-demo/click.html. token can be used to define the uri relative to the base generation URI (output folder) instead of the parent URI. It might be useful it the parent URI is an absolute external URI. ends with a slash, so there is no need to add a slash. E.g.

Type EString
Cardinality 0..1

title : EString

Reference title to display in the editor.

Type EString
Cardinality 0..1


action : AbstractAction

Referenced/mounted action.

Type AbstractAction
Cardinality 1