Instance class:

Type of action activator.



Activator is a URL.


Activator is a script.


Activator is a script executed to bind action to its activator, e.g. set knockoutjs data-bind attribute.


Content of actions with inline activator type is displayed instead of the action text and icon - the action is “activated” by inlining its content where it is possible. In this case activator value is ignored. When content inlining is not possible the action is considered to have a Reference activator, i.e. a click on the action navigates to a page with action content.

An example of inline action would be a search or log-in form. Such a form can be displayed in a card, drop-down, or navbar. However, it cannot be displayed in a tree - in this case it would be treated as having Reference activator type.


No activator, e.g. for a grouping action.


  • ActionBase - Base class for concrete action classes - Action and Partition.