Application model.


  • AbstractAction - Base class for different types of actions - action, action link, and action reference.
  • Action - Concrete action.
  • ActionAdapter - Action adapter uses a named adapter factory to generate HTML action.
  • ActionBase - Base class for concrete action classes - Action and Partition.
  • ActionCategory - Grouping of actions.
  • ActionElement - An element which can be contained by an action - action category or abstract action.
  • ActionLink - A link to an action stored in a resource which may or may not be loaded as part of the editing resource set.
  • ActionMapping - Action mapping provides a logical name (alias) for another (abstract) action for convenient linking/referencing from action’s content.
  • ActionReference - Action reference allows to “mount” an existing action as a child of another action.
  • ActivatorType - Type of action activator.
  • BootstrapContainerApplication - Bootstrap container application is a page builder which structures a page into 5 areas: Header Navigation bar Navigation pane Content pane Footer Page structuring is performed with Bootstrap container, rows and columns.
  • BootstrapContainerApplicationPanel - Bootstrap container application panel - a section with width spec - navigation panel and content panel.
  • BootstrapContainerApplicationSection - Bootstrap container application section - header, navigation bar, and footer.
  • Category<E> - Categories are used for grouping of its elements such as actions or properties.
  • Container<E> - Container of elements.
  • Label - Label is a base class for actions and categories.
  • Partition - Concrete action class represented as a container node on a diagram containing actions and other partitions.
  • Widget - Named content which is injected into the generated context under widgets/ and can be referenced from, say, markdown.