Instance class: org.nasdanika.vinci.bootstrap.Appearance

This class is used for configuring common aspects of HTML and Bootstrap elements such as background, spacing, text, etc.


  • ActionLink - Generates a link to the target action.
  • BootstrapElement - An HTML element with Bootstrap appearance.
  • Image - Embedded image which can be loaded from a file or taken as a screenshot.
  • Label - Label is a base class for actions and categories.
  • Markdown - Base class for generation of HTML from Markdown.
  • TextToSpeech - Uses Google Text-to-Speech to synthesize voice from text or SSML.



background : EString

Bootstrap color for background.

Type EString
Cardinality 0..1


Float : Float*

Float configuration.

Type Float
Cardinality 0..*

attributes : AbstractEntry*

HTML element (tag) attributes.


Attribute values are interpolated, i.e. tokens in the form of default value] are replaced with the contextual values or default values, if any. Examples:

  • ${my-style} - Token without a default value.
  • bold - Token with a default value.

Regular attributes

For all top-level entries except class, style, and data attribute value is produced by converting the value to string for scalars and to JSON string for lists and maps. For attributes which do not start with data- a warning is issued if the value is not a scalar, i.e. a list or a map.


For class attribute its value is formed by concantenating elements using space as a separator. If elements are hierarchical then class name is formed by concatenation with a dash (-) as a separator.


If value of data attbibute is a map then keys of that map get concatenated with data using dash (-) as a separator, them same applies to nested maps. Non-map values become attribute values - scalars are converted to string, lists are converted to JSON string.


Style can be defined as a string, list or map. If style is defined as a list, all list values are concatenated with a space as a separator - it is a convent way for long unstructured definitions.

If style value is a map then the value and its contained map values are processed in the following fashion:

  • Keys are concatenated with dash as a separator.
  • List values are contcatenated wtih space as a separator.
Type AbstractEntry
Cardinality 0..*

border : Border*

Border configuration.

Type Border
Cardinality 0..4

margin : Spacing*

Margin configuration.

Type Spacing
Cardinality 0..*

padding : Spacing*

Padding configuration.

Type Spacing
Cardinality 0..*

text : Text

Text style

Type Text
Cardinality 0..1