Instance class: org.nasdanika.vinci.components.Image

Embedded image which can be loaded from a file or taken as a screenshot.




caption : EString

If not blank, image caption is shown below the image.

Type EString
Cardinality 0..1

content : EByteArray

Image bytes.

Type EByteArray
Cardinality 0..1

height : EString

Image height

Type EString
Cardinality 0..1

width : EString

Image width

Type EString
Cardinality 0..1


appearance : Appearance

Appearance to apply to the image. E.g. border or float.

Type Appearance
Cardinality 0..1

target : AbstractAction

If target is set, then click on the image activates the target action. For example, a click on a screensot may open a dialog with a screen recording positioned at the time the screenshot was taken.

Type AbstractAction
Cardinality 0..1