Nasdanika specializes in creating tools and solutions for Model-Driven development and code generation.



Nasdanika Vinci is a visual modeling tool for creating models of web sites and then generating static web sites from the models.

Ресурсы на русском (Resources in Russian)


Nasdanika Codegen provides a meta-model and editors for visual creation of code generation models as well as a Command-Line and HTTP server for execution of generation models.


We provide our products in a form of a Eclipse package - Nasdanika Tool Suite. We also provide another package - Nasdanika Developer Tools - a collection of third-party tools extending the Eclipse Modeling package.

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Tool Suite

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This site and the documentation site were created and generated with Nasdanika Vinci:

  • Root models were created in the Vinci model editor,
  • CLI and Model documentation models were generated from Java sources and Ecore models respectively by Nasdanika CLI as part of the build process. The root models reference the generated models.
  • The site content and the Eclipse help were generated as part of the build process by Nasdanika CLI as well.

The models and the build file (pom.xml) can be found in the Tool Suite doc bundle on GitHub.