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0000155CodegenGeneralpublic2018-08-24 04:50
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Target Version0.2.0 
Summary0000155: Model actions, e.g. refactorings

Rename "menu_aciton" extension point to model action. Create an interface for model actions, e.g. refactorings. Extension point:

  • "model-action" in addition to "action" ("action" extension point contributes IAction, "model-action" contributes an interface which is wrapped into IAction):
    • Name
    • Icon
    • Target EClass
    • Flag whether the action modifies the model - does it need to be executed as an undoable operation, or, perhaps use more familiar CommandStack from the editing domain. It will have to be transactional for recording commands, but need to verify that EMF forms now support transactional editing domain - make domain creation flag/boolean method driven to easily switch back and forth - leverage existing code which uses TransactionalEditingDomain. If not, then coding would be more involved by making changes by combining Command implementations.
    • Documentation - markdown file reference. Use Nasdanika Help to render such files and use help toc provider to build toc from actions tree - see
  • Category - contains actions and sub-categories. Categories are merged by name.
    • Name
    • Icon
    • Sub-categories
    • Actions
    • Documentation - same as above.


  • Extends Predicate<EObject> - checks for applicability in addition to EClass check.
  • Method to execute refactoring taking the model, model file and other context information.

Refactorings to implement:

  • Convert - text file to binary file/URL/Static content or other generator and vice versa. Insert Text <-> Stream converter if converting between - this converter shall have "encoding" field defaulting to "UTF-8".
  • Inline - form of conversion - file to static text/binary.


  • How to create and document an action e.g. refactoring.
  • Out-of-the-box refactorings.
  • Anchor for refactorings documentation and anchor for "Filter" category.

Convert model documentation generation to a contributed model action.

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