• Effective knowledge elicitation, retention, and dissemination:
    • Capturing of knowledge in documented models.
    • Web-based documentation system serving models documentation and visualizations.
  • Working at a high level of abstraction by leveraging model-driven development.
  • Elimination of repetitive tasks through code generation and metadata-driven logic.

Target audiences

A full stack T-shaped Java developer, an innovator, leveraging visual and declarative techniques provided by Eclipse and Nasdanika tools to collaborate with and delegate to other technologists, not necessarily developers, and technically minded business people to test ideas and build prototypes and applications together.

Visual/declarative approach to software development heightens the level of abstraction and reduces the amount of hand-coding, sometimes just to a few lines of code or no code in simple cases. By doing so it increases the pool of developers, the speed of application and innovation delivery, and the rate of success because people build applications for themselves and their teams and as such have a good understanding of the requirements.


  • Core - Nasdanika core bundles.
  • HTML - Nasdanika HTML features several libraries providing fluent API for building HTML user interfaces.
  • Codegen - Model-driven code generation.



Reference implementations

  • Bank - A simple enough bank domain model to use for demonstration purposes in different Nasdanika products.