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Nasdanika Core features several bundles used by other Nasdanika products:

  • Common - classes and interfaces used in a number of other products. Dual build - Maven jar and OSGi bundle.
  • EMF - Features several flavors of adapter factories which use dynamic proxies and delegation to simplify creation of adapters. Also provides base classes for creating Ecore models with built-in access control.


  • P2 Repository
    • Archived.
  • Sources.

How to contribute

As an open source project we use the Fork and Pull Model. You can find more information about collaborative development at GitHub in this article - Collaborating with issues and pull requests.

When you contribute code, please make sure that the changes are clearly identifiable. In particular, avoid making non-functional changes in the code which you do not touch, e.g. auto-formatting of an entire compilation unit.