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Nasdanika HTML features several libraries providing fluent API for building HTML user interfaces. The goal of the libraries is to make Java developers more productive by:

  • Working in Java instead of switching between Java for the server side development and HTML, JavaScript and CSS for the client side development.
  • Apply the power of Java such as inheritance, polymorphism, patterns, e.g. a strategy pattern, etc. to building HTML user interfaces.
  • Operate on a higher level of abstraction thinking in terms of, say, actions and view parts instead of individual HTML elements.
  • Think about the Web User Interface as a Java interface - a collection of methods/actions which the user can invoke.
  • Think about users as asynchronous method invocations - a user is invoked by passing them a callback (user) interface.

Nasdanika HTML libraries, except the application model and EMF ones, are provided as both Maven jar’s and Equinox/OSGi bundles. It allows to use them in both Maven/plain Java and OSGi applications. The application model and EMF libraries have dependencies on Eclipse/Equinox bundles and are provided only as an OSGi bundle.

Nasdanika HTML libraries can be used to build both static Web sites, e.g. documentation, and dynamic web applications.



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How to contribute

As an open source project we use the Fork and Pull Model. You can find more information about collaborative development at GitHub in this article - Collaborating with issues and pull requests.

When you contribute code, please make sure that the changes are clearly identifiable. In particular, avoid making non-functional changes in the code which you do not touch, e.g. auto-formatting of an entire compilation unit.